As a customer with no professional computer background, you may very well not know what would be the exact set of services best suited to your needs, and that’s why the first step would be contacting us by email or through our contact page with a description in your own words of what you’d like to accomplish. The information on this site may help you find your way between some of the terms we might use, but it’s just there for those really interested in the details of the project. Inevitably, each project can be very personal, very sensitive, and totally diffrent than other projects.

The first thing we would want to determine with you is the type of project requested, as per the access needed to the original media and the location where most of the work is needed to be done. We use the following setups:

online Online: If the material you want to archive is already saved in a computer, it can be sent to us by E-mail, or through the Internet, in a way fitting the volume of material. We can evaluate and process the data on our system and send you back the complete processed files plus archiving system. This is also a good solution for small amounts of data that need to be processed from time to time.
fedex FedEx: If the material you want to archive was never digitized and saved in a computer, there is an option to mail us the original material, which we can scan and evaluate and mail you back. Than we can process the data, archive it and have the finished product sent to you back. This option too fits for more conventional and non personal data, such as office documents or business paperwork.
onsite On site: For the more personal data, for data that was never digitized, and for customers that can’t bother with any part of the process nor want the orifinal items to leave the premises, or for people who just need the finished product in hand, our staff can come and digitize your material on site, and then take the digitized versions to be processed at our offices. That’s our “On Site” option.

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