Reclaim your memories

You have piles of memories accumulated for many years, that ended up in boxes in your garage. You want to show an important family photo you just remembered. You know it's there, but can’t remember where exactly. In fact, it's lost forever.

You have a business that was computerized a few years back, but every time you need documents predating that period, you still need to go through the old file cabinets to find them. You definitely can't perform "one click" searches on their content from anywhere around the world.

  • Access all your memories and data anywhere!

  • Take all your documents and photos with you!

  • All professionally indexed and ready to use!

  • Options for online use, without your computer!

We are an Austin based team who specializes in taking physical collections of documents, photographs, business archives or personal memories, and turning them to computer data. When done, you’ll be able to leave the original documents or photos safe at home, and still have access to them from anywhere in the world where you got either your computer, or access to the Internet. Our office is set at NW Austin TX, and you can always reach us using the comtact form on the sidebar

Archiving data is simply entering documents contents including text, photographs, music or video clips into a computer system in an ordered fashion. We making digital copies (a format that a computer can read) of your original files, and then creating an indexing system that will allow you to find any document in the haystack with a few simple clicks of the computer’s mouse or keyboard. This is done in such a way that anyone who can open a computer and send an E-mail would find it easy to use.

What that really means, is that wherever you are in the world, you can have full access to all your data, including viewing or copying from any document. You can show any old picture to the person near you, or playback any piece of music or video you want in a matter on a seconds.

Depending on your computer skills and free time, you may be able to complete some archiving tasks (or most of them) by yourself, and we’re working on a full tutorial for those who want to go DIY. If you’re a computer neophyte or computerphobe, remember that computers and computer programs nowadays are extremely friendly and and the final archive product can be made very easy and safe to use by anybody.

If you’re still here, and you feel that our service might just be what you are looking for, please take time to read some of the info on this site. It will give you ideas as to what’s possible, and some understanding of the jargon we might be using in our correspondence.

Archiving your data demands a lot of manual work (a large part of it can be done by anyone in their own home), and it may not make you richer, but will definitely make you happier. And that’s what we’re here for – to spread some happiness!


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