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Import large content from anywhere

This is a much better and cleaner approach to auto-importing posts from anywhere. It requires some use of code or of regular expressions scripts (outside of WordPress) though. Basically, you need to create an import file for use with WordPress importer. The best way to do it is like so: Export from WordPress an existing […]

WordPress debug mode?

If you have some programming background and know what’s debugging, you’d love this one: In your site’s root directory there’s a file named wp-config.php which holds some security data about your site, including database connection parameters. This file also includes the line: define(‘WP_DEBUG’, false); On your test site, change this setting to true. This will […]

Manual site update/ move

Our first sites were built on a local system (localhost) and then uploaded to the live site. That gives us the freedom to experiment, while causing and fixing problems and learning as we go. We work locally with wamp on Windows and MySQL/Access databases for external data. So what are the basic steps for updating […]

In this blog…

After working with WordPress for a while we find that everyone’s experience with the system is different, and anybody’s solution might be useful for someone else finding himself in the same circumstances. Here we’ll pay our tribute to the WordPress community by uploading issues we encountered as beginners with WordPress and the solutions that worked […]

Manual import of a BIG blog from blogger

Generally you’d want to use WordPress’ Blogger Importer but you’ll soon find out that it wouldn’t work for large blogs. The blog we had to import had more than 2000 posts, and an exported Blogger file of over 8MB, WordPress limit being 2MB. Researched and found no working solution. Seem that suggestions to edit settings […]

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