About Us

OrrDate.com is a technological solutions family oriented business for the non technological. We work mainly with private ans small business customers. OrrData.com offers a comprehensive range of archiving solutions that is specially tailored to the client’s needs.

We started the business after performing many sparate archiving services for friends and site owners which didn’t even know that what we were doing – typing business letters into a computer program, and then combining them with documents we scanned, finally expaining how easy it was to use all that data eventually.

We are writers, translators, computer programmers, and artists, we take every task very personally and do it all as if it was our own wish. With the introduction of this site, we added a few new features – using FedEx and working online – which we hope to ace just as we did with our on site service.

We use sound and tested technologies, and make sure that every step would be acomplished as we would have liked it to be. This is the main approach to our customer service: to always see ourselves as the individual customer, to identify exactly what is going to make them happy, and to achieve just that.

Our mission is to spread happiness, using the knowledge and know how that life has bestowed on us. We will make your life easier, will bring to your access all those memories and old family photos in such a way that the’ll be available to you at all times, and useful as they’ve never been.

We bring happiness!


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