This is a very different concept, but it should be considered specifically in cases where non critical data needs to stay available but is not considered worth the investment in migration.

Basically in means that you could install on your new system an interpreter, or Emulator that can read the old format and allow you to manipulate your old data with your old programs in a special “window” or “box” on your new operating system’s desktop, even if those programs and data types are not supported otherwise by your new system.

For instance, you can install an emulator for DOS3 or Windows 95 on your Windows 7 system, and work with your old data in it’s native platform. You may have limited capabilities though linking or of transferring data between your old programs in the emulated “box” and your new Windows 7 programs.

If that’s the option you want to take, we can offer install and consultation services, but for most uses, the software is available for free and the install process is fairly simple for anyone with some computer experience.


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